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F&N Orange 325ml (24 Units Per Carton)
F&N Orange 325ml (24 Units Per Carton)
Last update: Apr 16, 2024
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1 Carton = 12 units
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Product Description Specification

F&N Orange 325ml x 12 Cans

F&N aims to maintain high-quality food and beverage supplies for its customers and this F&N Outrageous Orange soft drink makes no exception from the goal! This carbonated orange drink will invigorate your taste buds and make you feel extraordinary from the inside and outside.

The orange juice makes the perfect drink anytime, be it at work, school, party, dinner, family gathering and so forth. Being a long-time favourite by many, F&N Outrageous Orange is highly requested at F&B outlets, events, and functions. This is also a high volume order item for vending machine operators locally.

Besides, it also makes the perfect mixture to produce yummy cocktails and mocktails, giving them the zesty orange twist without having to get hold of fresh oranges.

Carbonated orange flavoured soft drink
325ml can
Carton of 12