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100 Plus Aqtiv 500ml (24 Units Per Carton)
100 Plus
100 Plus Aqtiv 500ml (24 Units Per Carton)
Last update: Oct 11, 2023
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Product Description Specification

100 Plus Aqtiv 500ml x 24 PET Bottle

100 Plus Aqtiv isotonic drink is bound to bring you a spring of energy and freshness, so if your day is getting the best out of you, try this invigorating drink to rehydrate and reenergize! The 100 Plus Aqtiv isotonic drink is enriched with minerals and beneficial elements for your body. This alkaline water hydrates better than mineral water to cool down your body and helps to replenish lost fluids, electrolytes and energy from your body.

100 Plus Aqtiv is perfect to be consumed after sport or strenuous activities, as you need to hydrate and cool down your body. The recovery from physical activity may take longer than you expect, and for this reason it is recommended to consume fluid which will contribute to your overall well-being. 100 Plus is one of the first isotonic drinks which was launched in Malaysia in 1983 and it aims to restore the fluid lost during the physical effort. Being a local brand, 100 Plus is highly appreciated by Malaysians and can be found easily in majority of fitness centres locally.

100 Plus Aqtiv isotonic drink
500ml bottle
Carton of 24